Battery Storage

There has never been a better time to invest in battery storage, with the government subsidies, most battery systems will pay for themselves within 5 years through savings off your power bill, making it a better than 20% return on your investment.

Utilising the Emergency Power Supply (EPS) function, you will have power during a blackout, usually on 2 essential circuits in your home e.g. fridge, freezer and lights. Most systems will charge during the day even during a blackout, giving you the security of knowing you will have power even during an extended blackout.

At Aussie Farmers Group Solar, we have a wide range of suppliers to be able to offer you the battery systems for your home.

Please go to the contact us page and call one of our friendly sales team or click on this link and put your details in the form and one of the sales specialists will give you a call.

battery storage
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